Share the business app

When the business application is shared with the organizations in the hierarchy, a new application/service provider will be created for each organization.

Application (Service Provider) property (isFragmentApp) is introduced to denote whether this application is a fragment of the main application. Users are allowed to update only the Sign-In Method in a fragment application. The fragment application contains an OAuth consumer application, which is used at the user login to redirect to the correct organization login.


First, configure your business apps in the root organization as required.


Note that you cannot share fragment applications. A fragment application is an app belonging to a different organization that has been shared with your organization.

Share the application

Follow the steps given below to share a business application with suborganizations in the organization structure.

  1. On the Management Console, go to Develop > Applications to view the list of applications.

  2. Click Share Appliction and select the organization(s) with which you want to share the application.

    Share Application

  3. Click Share Application to proceed.

    Share Application with Organizations

The fragments applications are now created in the suborganizations.

View the fragment apps

Now, switch to the organization you’ve shared the application with and you will see this application as a fragment application in its application list.

Fragment Application