Sample B2B CIAM use case

Guardio is an auto insurance service company that has partnerships with two other organizations Best Auto Mart and Car Traders. Users of Car Traders and Best Auto Mart should be able to use the services offered by Guardio Insurance. Guardio Insurance offers its services through an application named Guardio-SaaS-App.

Scenario Diagram

Guardio Insurance is using the WSO2 CIAM Cloud to manage the identity and access requirements of all consumers of its partner organization. This requirement is handled in the WSO2 CIAM Cloud as follows:

  • The two partner organizations Best Auto Mart and Car Traders are registered as suborganizations of Guardio in the WSO2 CIAM Cloud.
  • The Guardio-SaaS-App app is registered in the root organization (Guardio) as a SaaS application and configured with the organization login option.
  • The Guardio-SaaS-App app is shared with its suborganizations as a fragment app (copy of the SaaS app). This allows each sub organization to update the sign-in flow for for its own user base by adding its own IdP to the application sign-in flow.
  • Users of the suborganizations will then be able to sign in to the Guardio-SaaS-App app as follows:

    1. Access the application on a browser.
    2. Use the Organization Login option on the login page.
    3. In the next step, select the organization IdP and log in.

    The user is now authenticated with the organization's own IdP when accessing the Guardio-SaaS-App app.